Composite Cladding

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  • 3.6m Oakio Iniwood Composite Sanded Cladding

    £19.96 excl. VAT
  • 3.6m Oakio Iniwood Composite Woodgrain Cladding

    £21.60 excl. VAT
  • 3.6m Oakio Iniwood Composite Edging Trims

    £15.28 excl. VAT
  • 3.6m Oakio Iniwood Composite Fascia Edging Trims

    £21.50 excl. VAT

Composite Cladding

You can use Oakio composite cladding boards to cover unsightly areas or to give outdoor structures an updated look by covering them in an "in-trend" colour. Cladding boards in this style are brushed, thus giving them a textured matt sanded finish. There are three colours to choose from in the sanded finish: Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Dark Brown. You can also choose from deep-grained patterns if you prefer a different overall look. With composite technology, wood takes on a new beauty. Wood plastic composite cladding combines the warmth and beauty of wood with high-performance, low-maintenance composites.

Using ProShield wood plastic composite wall cladding systems, you can manage moisture in the building envelope in an effective, eco-friendly manner. Adding aesthetic appeal and deflecting water are important elements of durable cladding. The solution is Oakio Proshield composite cladding. The cap and core are made of the same material as golf balls. Iniwood is the second generation of this product; that's why Proshield is the second generation. A larger percentage of co-extrusion decking on the market uses PE only for the cap, which is less stable than Proshield.