Ronjack Garden Rooms

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Ronjack Garden Rooms

The UK Roofing Store offer an exclusive collection of robust, maintenance-free garden buildings. Finding the perfect alternative to a conservatory seems like a long & impossible task. You want something that is aesthetically pleasing, easy, and simple to install and doesn’t want the task of maintaining or treating it constantly. Manufactured using co-extruded WPC, creating a low maintenance, low price point, and quick and easy alternative to existing timber structures. Ronjack’s exclusive collection of robust, maintenance-free garden rooms are the solution.

The Garden Room Collection is made with 60% recycled wood, 35% high density Polythene & 5% Additives. The use of high density polyethene’s mean that the components have a high strength and stiffness to traditional resins of garden buildings. End caps cover the hollow connecting sections which improves heat retention and creates a perfect finish.

Installation Service Available